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This is a image from my final film project as a high school student at Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School.
One thing that was great about my high school was the opportunities I was able to experience while there. Not only was I able to discover the career path I wanted to follow but I also got to meet some amazing people, like American Actor, voice actor, and dancer Dante Basco.
Paris Womack
Visiting my old high school during my Jr. year in college.
One of my hobbies is drawing, and this is an image of one such drawing I created.
Me and my friends.
Me with award-winning speaker, author, professor, and retention expert, Dr. Joe Martin.
The event celebrating the completion of the Mural I helped worked on for the philadelphia Art Program. The project was the "Aqui y Alla Mural Project," a transnational public art project created and directed by artist Michelle Angela Ortiz. Project explored impact of immigration in the lives of Mexican immigrant youth in South Philadelphia in connection with youth in Chihuahua, Mexico.
Me with my friend and one of my College Professors from my time as a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.