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My Video Game: Fallen Angel

Fallen from Grace, not so gracefully...

An Angel from the heavens, she has fallen from her home in the sky. Now she must climb back up, passing many obstacles and return safely. Will you be able to guide this clumsy little Angel back to her home above in this heavenly platformer?

angel concept art

Taken to many spills lately?

It's never a dull moment for this little gal. Join her has she leaps up to her houses across the clouds in the sky, traversing demons and traps along the way. She may be an Angel, but things such as falling thousands of feet from the sky, being accidentally enrolled in boot camp, and escaping the dangers of the underworld are no small feat for her.

A work in progress

Since I have only started working on this project by myself, I much to show from the actual files, however as a placeholder for the time being, I have used the level creator from the game "Little Big Planet" to give concept for what my game will have.

Concept Image Gallery

This the concept for the Main Menu Screen. What I hope to play for here is something simple yet effective. But I want the even the main screen to feature some form of personality, which is why there is a don't play opinion. Which is more or less a joke.
"A spikey situation"

The levels in a platformer of course have hazards. But being hurt by them won't be anything graphic. Probably a poke in the tushy.

"Pits of disaster"

Another problem will of course be enemies. Naturally, touching them would be bad.

"Pillars in the sky"
"Cloudy platforms"

Since this game is based on an Angel climbing back to heaven, you can be sure that the main aesthetic will be the sky, clouds, and the color blue.

"Daring leaps"